Two weeks in paradise and counting. Andros, a two-hour ferry ride from Athens and we enter a new dimension. Four beds, a bathroom, a kitchen and a terrace with glorious views. That’s all we have, that’s all we need. It’s hot, scalding hot, but the beach is only 2 minutes away down what it seems to be a never-ending staircase to wonderland. The small … [Read More...]



Friday noon Marcos left for a fun-filled weekend in London. The kids and I went for ice cream and packed our bags. No way I was going to be a single mum in a city reaching 28 degrees, when I could hop on a train, actually two trains and be in the Adriatic coast... right? Who's with me??? So, being my I- can-do- it-self, Saturday morning, Remo, Nika, Petra and … [Read More...]


Back In Time

"Let's go to Rome", he proposed. Two hours later we were on the fast train to the Roman city ~only a 1.5 hr trip~. To be honest, I wasn't impressed. Big and … [Read More...]


Via Statuto 8

We've been in Florence for almost two weeks now and we've settled down quite happily. It could be said we feel at home. Our apartment is very comfortable, with its … [Read More...]


I ❤ Shoes

There I was, Thursday afternoon, playing hide and seek in the city's narrow cobbled streets when I stumbled upon it: Museo Salvatore Ferragamo. Anywhere in the … [Read More...]